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Lunen: Triblood

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When Winnie Winters is whisked away to a strange new world, her life takes on a new adventurous path that she never imagined possible. Once there, Winnie meets a young Triblood by the name of Lunen, and together, they begin on an exciting journey filled with the unexpected. Aboard the airship Freewind with Lunen, Winnie is introduced to Lunen’s friends Liana and Lieto, the captain and first mate, as well as the twins Migs and Zeg who are the ship’s doctor and engineer. Fighting side by side with Lunen, Winnie will soon learn more about this new world full of dangerous beasts, otherworldly monsters, and even more dangerous, the greater evils of men.

Lunen: Triblood is a new science fiction, fantasy novel that explores the themes of personal growth and the classic notion of good versus evil. The physical and emotional journey that Winnie and Lunen embark on lead them down a path that will either make them better people in the end or will kill them in the process. Peppered with action and adventure, this invigorating new novel keeps the excitement at max levels while showing readers the value of personal growth.

A clever mix of humor, action, and introspection, Lunen by Ahmed Al-Sheikh feels more like a blockbuster movie than a heroic fantasy novel. With witty and sharp dialogue, the novel is full of banter between characters that is thoroughly amusing, and the action scenes are so extraordinarily vivid and visceral in their description that readers will find themselves so completely immersed, it will be easy to forget they’re reading a novel and not watching a movie. However, not to be mistaken for a shallow affair, Lunen has true moments of profound introspection, and it boldly embraces heavier themes related to the emotional and physical improvement of its protagonists. Between its immersive new world, nail-biting action, and crisp dialogue, Lunen is an exhilarating fantasy ride that will ultimately leave readers breathless.


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